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Dr Ratnarajah receives UKIERI Thematic Partnership Award for the project on 'Rural and Remote Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Access'
Dr Sellathurai receives UKIERI Thematic Partnership Award for the project on 'Low complexity Energy efficient Transceivers for Cognitive Radio System'
Second UK-India Workshop on Cognitive Wireless Systems (UKIWCWS 2010) held successfully at IIT Delhi, India
Fourth UK Consortium Meeting held in July 2010 at Queen's University Belfast
Conference Report - First UK-India Workshop on Cognitive Wireless Systems (UKIWCWS 2009) held successfully at IIT Delhi, India
Third UK Consortium Meeting held in September 2009 at University of Edinburgh
Call for papers - First UK-India Workshop on Cognitive Wireless Systems (UKIWCWS 2009)
(December 11-12, 2009) IIT Delhi, India
Queen's EU FP7 Project- CROWN Kickoff meeting held at Eurecom Sophia Antipolis, France on 4-5 May 2009
Second UK Consortium Meeting held in March 2009 at University of Loughborough
ECIT, Queen's University Belfast and IIT Delhi receive UKIERI Research Award 2008-09
UK Consortium Members' India Visit in December 2008
UK Consortium Meeting Held at ECIT, Queen's University Belfast in November 2008



























Interact 6 - Building Links with India - Cognitive Wireless Systems for Universal Access
Welcome to EPSRC Interact 6 Project- Building Links with India: "Cognitive Wireless Systems for Universal Access"
This programme is supported by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of UK with the following objectives:
To build network between scientists and engineers in UK and those in India
To build new and promote step changes in existing international colloborations
To enable the formation of ongoing collobarotive research programmes funded through agencies in UK and India
To encourage a network of partnetship to be built, rather than the researchers visiting in isolation
To establish productive network of researchers working across international boundaries
To encourage the exchange of knowledge, people and expertise between UK and India
To establish potential partnership with industry in UK and India to build interest and opportunities in UK research
To establish virtual 'Centre of Excellence' linking a number of researchers in different research institutions in UK and India'

This research network would bring together key research groups that are in the vanguard of developing novel technologies and algorithms for spectrally efficient wireless networks in the UK and India. The researchers in the proposed groups in the UK and India have long-standing international reputation in the fields of digital signal processing and wireless communications. The proposed research is motivated by the fact that the Indian economy is growing at the second largest rate in the world due to expansion of commercial and services industries. One of the main facilitators of such commercial and services industry is the ubiquitous and seamless access to information and communications whenever and wherever needed.
As two-thirds of India's one billion population live in rural areas where infra structure for landline connection is inadequate, the Ministry of Telecommunication in India has set targets to provide with wireless connections and mobile coverage for 85% of the country. At the same time, the demand for mobile Internet access with high quality of services to support multimedia and interactive services is still increasing in the UK. This has opened up new opportunities in the research and development of wireless and multimedia devices.
One of the main impediments of supporting large populations over wireless networks and meeting high quality of services for multimedia and interactive applications is the scarcity of spectrum. Tis proposal aims to build networks and promote interactions between India and UK to develop radically new techniques and approaches for spectrally efficient wireless networks, i.e. cognitive wireless systems for universal access, one of the underlying factors for the growth of commercial and services industries. It requires intelligence at the transmitter and receiver to identify spectrum opportunities for transmission. This will bring together the expertise on mobile computing, signal processing algorithms development, efficient spectrum management and systems-on-chip technology from both the UK and India.